Our Approach

Our students graduate ready to take on the challenges of college.
Below are some of the key strategies we use to prepare them to be empowered agents of their own learning:

The 香港马会开奖记录 Graduate Profile



In addition to using traditional forms of testing, we use an assessment system 鈥 Portfolio Defense 鈥 that emphasizes students鈥 deep understanding of academic disciplines. Students assemble a portfolio of their best work, which they must 鈥渄efend鈥 in front of an audience of educators, peers, and community members. Students practice these kinds of defenses multiple times for various classes and projects; they deliver comprehensive defense presentations at the end of both 8th and 10th grades; and finally in 12th grade, our seniors must deliver and pass the College Success Portfolio Defense 鈥 doing so is a graduation requirement.

See for yourself how powerful a student defense is: watch Veronica deliver her 12th-grade presentation in the video to the right!


All of our Upper Division (11th and 12th grade) students participate in a Workplace Learning Experience, or WLE. 聽聽During WLE days, instead of coming to school, students work full time at an internship site. 聽To secure the internship, they research companies and careers, write resumes and cover letters, and practice interview skills. 聽We encourage them to seek an internship in a field of interest, and the WLE helps many students identify their ideal career (or one they don鈥檛 want!) 聽As interns, students work with a site-based mentor and complete a project with measurable outcomes. 聽At the end, they present their experience and their project in a public exhibition. 聽It鈥檚 a powerful experience that equips students with job search practice, real world professional skills, self-confidence and first-hand exposure to a career field.

香港马会开奖记录 students have interned at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Oakland Zoo, Clinica de la Raza, Luke鈥檚 Hospital, Youth Radio, the Ella Baker Center, the Alameda County Sherriff鈥檚 Office, Guidance Software, the US District Court, International Brokers, Academy of Sciences, Holy Stitch and the Comic Book Museum, among many others.


At 香港马会开奖记录 Schools, graduating means much more than earning a diploma鈥攊t means going to college and being prepared to meet college challenges. 75% of 香港马会开奖记录鈥檚 students will be the first in their families to go to college.

All of our students meet the requirements (A-G coursework) for admission to California鈥檚 public university systems鈥揳 standard unheard of in most California public schools. Teacher-advisors help students navigate the college admissions process and support students鈥 readiness for college. Students visit a different college every year at 香港马会开奖记录 and all 11th graders participate in to help them prepare for the SAT.


香港马会开奖记录 Schools invests heavily in teacher professional learning. Professional learning opportunities include:

  • 3 hours of professional learning every聽Wednesday聽with school colleagues,
  • A 3-day orientation and welcome to 香港马会开奖记录 for new teachers in August,
  • 3 full-day all-network professional learning days (called All 香港马会开奖记录 Days)
  • Leadership development for teacher-leaders
  • Coaching development for teachers interested instructional coaching
  • Total of 10 days of professional learning and collaboration per year