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Our dedicated teachers are a major factor in the success of 香港马会开奖记录 Schools. Teachers are drawn to the 香港马会开奖记录 Schools family because of our robust model that emphasizes project-based learning, art and technology and a supportive environment in which everyone is accountable for helping students reach the goal of attending college.


香港马会开奖记录 Schools believes in its teachers and in the importance of encouraging professional growth for our educators. Our teachers work in a creative team environment and have the opportunity to use innovative teaching strategies to support authentic, rigorous student outcomes. We believe that the best professional development is job-embedded. We also believe that providing the best learning environments for our students mean doing the same for our teachers, teacher-leaders and administrators. If we want to see our students learn, they need to see teachers and administrators learning too.

New teachers receive an initiation into our instructional model at the beginning of the school year and the support of a community of practice 鈥 including colleagues and coaches.We provide all new teachers who hold preliminary credentials with a customized induction program (BTSA) program. This two-year program offers weekly coaching to support聽teachers to develop an inquiry-based mindset, to improve instructional practice, and to earn a clear credential.

Seasoned teachers have the opportunity to work as lead teachers and may also decide on an administrative track position. Our experienced teachers also provide input into curriculum and design, participate in program development, deliver professional development and implement intervention strategies.

We know that 香港马会开奖记录 teachers make a tremendous difference to our students and to accomplishing our mission of sending those students to college, so we make sure they are well-equipped and supported in carrying out that critical role.

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Here鈥檚 what Clare聽says about how teaching at 香港马会开奖记录 is different 鈥 and better 鈥 for her as a teacher and for her students:


Something that stands out is the deep sense of community among kids, teachers, staff and parents. We are constantly focused on getting our students to reflect on their own data to build goals. Using three themes 鈥 聽intellectual agency, academic competitiveness, and rigorous,聽critical thinking 鈥斅爓e are changing how our students think about building their community and empowering them聽to take ownership.

I am constantly inspired and motivated by like-minded colleagues, passionate about supporting students to achieve their absolute best!

鈥 Jessica

鈥淥ur聽portfolio model聽makes it possible for students to do the heavy lifting while demonstrating their learning in an authentic way. I am proud to be a part of 香港马会开奖记录鈥檚 growth and to be a part of a founding team of professionals that recognizes the need to extend this type of learning and support to the middle school.鈥


鈥 Omar

鈥淢y teaching practice grew infinitely at 香港马会开奖记录. I feel so grateful to be surrounded by brilliant, dedicated, and relentless leaders and educators. I am supported with resources and opportunities to be my best self in the classroom, and to serve my students in a culture of joy, growth and reflection.鈥

鈥 Marni

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